What is Clean Beauty?

What is Clean Beauty?

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Clean Beauty addresses three main principles:
1️⃣Safety and non-toxicity, 2️⃣Transparency in labelling, and3️⃣Environmental sustainability.

Products contain only #non-toxic ingredients, are manufactured #without animal testing, and # avoid the production of carcinogens. This approach aims to prevent harm to living organisms, the environment, and Earth's safety.

From raw materials to production processes, strict controls are applied to minimize post-processing. Packaging also utilizes eco-friendly and biodegradable materials to prevent environmental pollution and excessive carbon emissions.

It embodies the principle of "Safe for the Skin, Safe for the Earth."🌏

Pure skincare does not necessarily mean zero synthetic substances. Whether synthetic or natural, ingredients must undergo professional and quality-controlled production processes to adjust to appropriate and safe proportions. Additionally, various technologies and techniques are employed for optimization and improvement.

However, we rigorously ensure the safety and minimal sensitivity of each ingredient added to the product formula, as well as whether they are safe and produce harmful substances to the body and environment during production.

As a Clean Beauty brand, tiVukin utilizes ingredients that are "non-irritating," "non-allergenic," and "non-polluting.

We believe that everyone's "skin condition" changes with seasons, diet, and lifestyle habits. It's not always dry, oily, or combination skin. Therefore, when formulating products, we aim to balance the skin condition rather than alter the skin type. 


We hope that tiVukin can become the best partner to stabilize your skin condition.