Safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Who are we?

From the Heart of Asia, Formosa Taiwan

Sirayan, a native language from the local tribe called Siraya, located in the south of Taiwan. tiVukin means “The Mountain” in Sirayan.

We collects ingredients from this beautiful island, full with mountains. To give back to nature, our products are EWG verified.
Responsible and friendly to the planet. Safe for your skin. Enjoy!

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The Essential Five

Our five main ingredients: Oat, Algae, Immortelle, Baobab Tree, Green Tea are the keys to moisturize, repair and rejuvenating your skin.

What do people think?

My tiVukin experience!

I am a frequent camper, I only bring thris cram with me. Easy and Simple to travel with! Great work.

Emma Gu

Believe in Better

We know what you need

Our mission is to bring you the cleanest and safest skincare. Nothing more, nothing less, we only put what the skin needs in tiVukin's formula.