The Essentials - Baobab Tree

The Essentials - Baobab Tree

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As the second member of the Essential Five, the Baobab Tree, also known as the African Tree of Life, possesses exceptional antioxidant properties. However, what the research and development team values most are the Baobab Tree's anti-inflammatory characteristics.

We aim for our Rejuvenating Face Cream to be suitable for year-round and worldwide use, so moisturizing, calming, and anti-inflammatory properties are crucial.

One of the main reasons the Baobab Tree is known as the "African Tree of Life" is its ability to store large amounts of water in its trunk, often helping African families survive droughts during dry periods.
Baobab Trees can typically live up to 2000 years, showing remarkable vitality!
Rich in antioxidants and containing high levels of Vitamin C, incorporating it into skincare products can help promote collagen production. Rapidly penetrating the skin, it activates cellular energy, increases skin elasticity, rebuilds skin structure, promotes skin cell reproduction, stimulates skin cell regeneration, strengthens the skin barrier, improves skin tone and comfort, protects the epidermis from moisture loss, and accelerates the absorption of other nutrients.

Its anti-inflammatory properties, which we value most, effectively help eliminate acne, and pimples and fade acne marks. While repairing, it also replenishes the skin with abundant nutrients!

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