The Essentials - Algae

The Essentials - Algae

Harnessing the power from the deep sea, the final element of The Essential Five is algae. By incorporating algae into our products, we aim to bring revitalizing and anti-aging effects to tiVukin users.。

Rich in Vitamin E and brown algae extract, algae offers exceptional antioxidant properties. Algae offers exceptional antioxidant properties. These properties enhance metabolism and combat the damage caused by aging or sun exposure. This helps the skin regain elasticity, effectively delaying the signs of aging.。

Algae, growing in water, absorb various minerals for photosynthesis in the ocean. Apart from chlorophyll, algae also contain unique components such as phycocyanin. Due to the high pressure in the ocean, algae fill their cells with a large amount of collagen, making tissues more resilient and elastic, becoming a popular skincare ingredient in recent years!

In addition to consumption, many brands are also extracting algae essence to incorporate into skincare products to battle the external damage accumulated by the skin over time.

Combining moisturizing, anti-allergy, soothing, repairing, and brightening properties, The Essential Five, supplemented with algae's revitalizing and anti-aging effects, completes our vision of Skin's Superfood.