2024 tiVukin X Earth Month  The Action for Earth!

2024 tiVukin X Earth Month The Action for Earth!

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Those who love our tiVukin might be familiar with Earth Day every April 22. 

tiVukin, the brand that always embraces our earth with clean and vegan values, has proudly joined its second year of Earth Month Action. 

This year, we would like to invite more friends to engage in our tiVukin Earth Month, taking a challenge of the 16-square grid to protect the earth while caring for your skin.

Date: 4/1 (Monday) 9:00 am ~ 4/22 (Tuesday) 9:00 pm 


  1. From now until Earth Day (4/22), choose the task among the 16-square grid and finish a line. 
  2. Make sure your Instagram account is set to public
  3. Take a photo of your Earth Month Action, post it to your story, and tag @tivukin_tw
  4. After we check your post, we will mark your qualifications and process follow-up contact for the details after the event.

One line:a set of eco-friendly straws.

Two lines:a set of eco-friendly tableware.

Three lines:a tiVukin customized tumbler.

All Lines:a placemats and a set of eco-friendly tableware.

(The reward can No be accumulated. Those who have completed multiple Lines can choose which reward they want to receive.)

*Special reward:
If your line includes the " RE-THINK Garbage Throwing Test" task and the result exceeds 90%, you will get an additional special reward: "tiVukin 1500 points = NT$100 credit" !

tiVukin believes that every day can be Earth Day as long as we are willing to be.

So, our dear friends of tiVukin, are you ready to follow tiVukin and clean the earth with love?